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As a sole owner at JWD Racing, you will be able enjoy all the benefits. From designing your own silks to selecting your horses name. You will be responsible for the purchase price, training costs and racing fees but most importantly you will have access to all of the owners’ share of the prize money aswell as sales proceeds depending.

At Jack Davison Racing, we take great pride in giving our owners the very best personal experience. We will keep in touch via email and on the telephone, sending you filmed updates of your horses being put through their paces featuring photographs, voice notes trainer and jockey reports, and regular newsletters.​

On race days, arrangements are made for owners to pick up their owners’ badges at the Owners & Trainers desk. Which provides you full access to experience the parade ring and to enjoy the exclusive hospitality provided in the Owners & Trainers restaurants and bar area.

Our doorstep awaits and our door is always open. Owners are welcome to visit the yard at any time and mornings on the gallops are followed by some light refreshments with Jack.

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Sole Ownership: Pro Gallery
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