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At JWD Racing, our top priority is creating a safe and healthy environment for our horses.  We believe that daily turnout is an essential component of their well-being.  With ample space and paddocks available, we are able to provide this to each horse in our care.

To help each horse reach their full potential, we create customised training programs carefully designed to suit their unique needs.  We are proud to offer top-class care, and facilities to support these programs and ensure the highest quality of service for our horses.

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Before its transformation in 2017, Killarkin's stable yard played a vital role in Davison's breeding business.  Today, the main yard comprises 23 well-ventilated boxes, including a companion box.

Over time, Killarkin has undergone extensive modernisation, backed by significant investments.  In 2019, the farm added a state-of-the-art colts barn, with each stable equipped with high-strength, shock-absorbing rubber matting to optimize the comfort and safety of horses.  Recently, additional stables have been built behind the main stable yard, further expanding the farm's capacity.

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JWD Racing has the private and local use of a 1 mile and 2 furlong grass gallop.


This is ideal for teaching young horses how to gallop on grass in preparation for competing on the racecourse. It is enclosed with race railings and maintained to the highest standards at all times.

When working horses on the grass gallops, Jack is looking for a strong, consistent piece of work with a progressive finish.

Horse Racing training Ireland _ Jack Davison Racing _ County Meath


The arena at our facility measures approximately 100 x 32 feet and boasts a superb Wexford sand-based surface.  Equipped with a state-of-the-art irrigation system, the arena is well-maintained throughout the seasons, allowing for consistent usage.

Our horses warmed up in the arena before being taken out to the gallops to optimise performance. 



To ensure the health and well-being of our horses, we have a dedicated resident vet who provides round-the-clock care.


Additionally, we also have access to the expert services of Paul Ormond (MVB MRCVS - Leinster Equine Ltd) as needed.

By having a dedicated veterinary team in place, we can ensure that our horses receive the highest level of care and attention at all times.

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Our two 6-bay horse walkers are a valuable addition to our training facility, providing a safe and controlled environment for horses to be exercised before and after their training sessions.



To ensure optimal fitness and overall horse health, our horses are weighed regularly before and after racing and weekly as part of our routine care.  This allows us to track their progress and adjust their training and nutrition as needed to keep them in peak physical condition.

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The all-weather sand gallop covering 3 furlongs is the centerpiece of Killarkin Stud's training facilities.  It plays a pivotal role in the daily routine of training horses, enabling the development of their strength and taking their fitness to an extremely high level.

The gallop has a 30-degree incline, which provides the perfect foundation for high-quality interval training.  Besides facilitating intense workouts, the gallop also offers scenic and beautiful views of the Meath Valley below, adding to the overall training experience.



The Curragh training facility is widely regarded as one of the best training grounds in the world and forms an integral part of our horse training process.

Typically, Jack brings horses to the Curragh for the more important pieces of work, such as when a horse is nearing its racecourse debut.  This is because the Curragh offers a challenging yet safe environment for the horses to develop their skills and fitness levels, ultimately preparing them for success on the racecourse.

Horse Racing training Ireland _ Jack Davison Racing _ County Meath


At our facility, we have our own set of 3-bay starting stalls that provide an excellent opportunity for the horses to get the best possible education for their racecourse debut.

Jack and his team take great pride in ensuring that the horses are well-educated at the starting stalls.  This involves teaching them the proper techniques for loading into the stalls, remaining calm and focused while in the stalls, and getting a good start once the gates open.  

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At JWD Racing, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our horses during transportation.  To that end, we have invested in a fleet of vehicles that cater to our every transport need.  

Our fleet includes a 5-stall lorry, two-box, and horse boxes, all expertly maintained.  

With our own vehicles, we have greater control over our transportation schedules and can ensure that our horses arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

Horse Racing training Ireland _ Jack Davison Racing _ County Meath


50 acres of multiple, well-fenced turnout paddocks are crucial to our training program.  Every horse in training has access to daily turnout after their exercise, which Jack believes is essential for keeping them healthy and happy throughout their training schedule. 



Provides our horses with biologically effective light that replicates the natural outdoor lighting, which is designed to optimize their health, performance, and breeding efficiency even when indoors.

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